Written Publications include:

The Writing Programs Worldwide Web Portal:

The peer-reviewed Journal of Writing Programs Worldwide

Writing Programs Worldwide: Profiles of Academic Writing in Many Places (August 2012) Available online at the WAC Clearinghouse and in print from Parlor Press. It includes profile essays on more than forty institutions in 28 countries on six continents. Co-editors of the project are Chris Thaiss (lead editor), Gerd Bräuer, Paula Carlino, Lisa Ganobcsik-Williams, and Aparna Sinha.

Thaiss, C., & Porter, T. (2010). The State of WAC/WID in 2010: Methods and Results of the US Survey of the International WAC/WID Mapping Project. College Composition and Communication, 61(3), 534–570.

Thaiss, C. (2010).  The International WAC/WID Mapping Project: Objectives, methods, and early results. In C. Bazerman et al. (eds.), Traditions of writing research. New York and Oxford: Routledge, 251-65. 

Thaiss, C. (2008). The International WAC/WID Mapping Project: Objectives and methods. Zeitschrift Schreiben. 18/6/2008. Retrieved 12/15/2011 from


Presentations include:

International Network of WAC Programs (INWAC) meeting at Conference on College Composition and Communication (New York), March 2007

European Association of Teachers of Academic Writing (EATAW) Conference (Bochum, Germany), June 2007

International "Writing Research Across Borders" Conference (Santa Barbara, California, US), February 2008

Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC)(New Orleans, Louisiana, US), April 2008 (featured presentation given by Tiane Donahue, U. of Maine; Lisa Ganobcsik-Williams, Coventry U.; Terry Myers Zawacki, George Mason U.; Tara Porter, U. of California-Davis; Chris Thaiss, U. of California-Davis, chair)

Ninth International Conference on Writing across the Curriculum (Austin, Texas, US), May 2008

European Writing Centers Association Conference (Freiburg, Germany), June 2008

CCCC, San Francisco, March 2009

Canadian Association for the Study of Discourse and Writing (CASDW), Ottawa, May 2009

EATAW, Coventry, UK, June-July 2009

CCCC, Louisville, KY (U.S.), March 2010

International "Writing Research Across Borders" Conference (Fairfax, VA, US), February 2011

EATAW, Limerick, Ireland, June-July 2011

US Council of Writing Program Administrators, Albuquerque, New Mexico, July 2012

Third International "Writing Research Across Borders" Conference, Paris, France, February 2014

"Writing Programs Worldwide," DePaul University, Chicago, IL, US, April 2014

"Writing Programs Worldwide," University of Alberta, Canada, October 2014

"Writing Programs Worldwide: Next Stages of the International WAC Mapping Project," Writing Research Acroos Borders, Bogota, Colombia, February 2017

"Next Stage of the US Survey of WAC Programs," Int'l WAC Conference, Fort Collins, Colorado, June 2020

If you know of other presentations or publications that focus in some way on the work of the Mapping Project, please contact Michele Zugnoni ( or Aparna Sinha (