2009 Follow-Up Survey

From September 2009 through December 2009, we sent surveys to 542 of the respondents from the Phase 1 survey who had indicated that they had a WAC/WID Program or Initiative in place.  In this follow-up survey, 128 program directors rated the success of their programs based on a number of criteria.  We are in the process of using the data from this portion of the study to determine possible trends in program success (for example, is a community college more likely to have a successful WAC program if the program has a strong connection with the Writing Center?).

We are in the process of analyzing this data and hope to release key findings on this site and/or in conference presentations by 2016.

Below are the survey questions:

Follow-Up Survey Question

  • What is your Name?
  • What is your Institution Name?
  • What is your email address?

The following questions are answered on a 5-point Scale (1 being a low score, 5 being high)

  • How long has your WAC Program been in place?
  • How successful is your program in providing resources to faculty (sample rubrics, workshops, handouts, etc.)?
  • How satisfied are you with this level of participation [of faculty participation]?
  • How important to your WAC program are "Writing Intensive" (or "Writing Emphasis," etc. ) courses?
  • Does your program respond to the needs of faculty members teaching Writing-Intensive courses? (workshops, consultations, etc.)?
  • How would you rate your program's connection with the Writing Center?
  • How connected is your WAC program with the General Ed Committee?
  • Do you feel that you have strong ties with other services/offices/programs in your institution that help you accomplish program goals?
  • Do you feel that your institution's WAC program is successful?
  • How successful is your program in meeting institutional needs?
  • How satisfied are you with your institution's current WAC program?
  • Do you have any additional comments?