Network Building

  • Build a network of teachers and scholars from many countries who will contribute and keep in contact about their work in this field
  • This network will be built using the International Network of Writing-across-the-Curriculum Programs/WAC Clearinghouse tools.
  • Under construction is the next phase of the International Mapping Project: a web portal that will house descriptions and materials from any writing initiative/program that would like to submit them. This portal will collect materials in the language(s) of choice for the institution, and can include text, video, photos, etc. The site is meant to be multimodal and multilingual.

Data Collection

  • Gather as much data as we can through surveys, interviews, and meetings. (As of August 2012, we had received information from approximately 380 scholars in regard to some 350 institutions from more than 50 countries outside the US and Canada.)
  • A second component of the Mapping Project focuses on WAC/WID program development and change at U.S. and Canadian institutions (responses from 1350 institutions by June 2008)


  • Book and online project Writing Programs Worldwide: Profiles of Academic Writing in Many Places, published in August 2012 by the WAC Clearinghouse and in print from Parlor Press. This project includes profile essays from more than forty institutions representing twenty-eight countries on six continents, most of these institutions identified through the international survey, 2006-09.
  • Publications of CCCs article "The State of WAC/WID in 2010: Methods and Results of the US Survey of the International WAC/WID Mapping Project" (2010). 
  • Ongoing presentations of results by members of the collaborative in a range of venues internationally. Informational and/or data-gathering sessions devoted to the Mapping Project in 2007-14